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In many parts of Los Angeles, kosher food is very popular. This is not surprising because there are many health benefits for people who make it a habit to eat only kosher food. There are many misconceptions about the kosher diet so it is right to explain what the concept of kosher is all about in this article.

Generally, kosher food refers to foodstuff and meals that are prepared according to Jewish law. The kosher dietary law is pretty complicated but it can be simplified so that even people who do not practice Judaism will understand the kosher concept. First, there is a strict list of animals, birds and fishes which are considered kosher.

The animals on the kosher list are goats, sheep and cows. Poultry kosher include chicken, geese, turkey, duck and pigeon. Fish is permissible under kosher rules but this applies to only fishes that have fins and scales like tuna, salmon and herring. From this list, it is clear that pigs are forbidden. Again, camels, donkeys and horses are forbidden as well. Shell fish such as lobsters, shrimps and crabs are also forbidden because they are not on the kosher list.

The kosher diet is not all about eating some animals and avoiding other animals. Kosher also contains strict rules on the slaughtering of animals and the ingredients in processed foods. Again, under kosher rules, some foods cannot be combined. For instance, meat and dairy cannot be combined if you are preparing a kosher diet. This means that kosher caterers Los Angeles and elsewhere cannot use the same dishes to prepare meat and dairy. In addition, meat and dairy cannot be served on the same table. For people who want to eat dairy products after eating meat, an interval of one to three hours must be observed. These are some of the rules that kosher caterers Los Angeles are expected to observe.

It is not very easy to figure out the kosher classification of processed foods and alcoholic drinks. The only way to observe kosher rules is to know what is permitted and what is prohibited. For instance, insects are prohibited under kosher rules. This means that all processed foods containing insects cannot be served by kosher caterers Los Angeles. For alcoholic drinks, things are not always clear cut. This is because alcohol is not generally prohibited but there are very strict rules for the production of drinks from the grape. Spirits have to be made from sugar or grain or else they are not considered kosher. In fact, the only way for kosher caterers Los Angeles to observe kosher is to have a full list of ingredients on all processed foods and drinks.

Finally, it is important to point out that the kosher diet has a number of health benefits. Some of the prohibited foods on the kosher list are not good for the health. On the other hand, many foods on the kosher list are natural and safe. This is why kosher caterers Los Angeles promote the kosher diet and this is why kosher is very popular these days.

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