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The kosher tour companies which are around today providing kosher travel meals, have made it so much easier and enjoyable for those many Jews who take vacations every year.

As an observant Jew, going on a holiday in the past took a lot of planning – much like a military operation. You had to do a lot of research about your holiday destination to find hotel accommodation where they provided kosher food, and check whether there were any kosher eateries close by, if any at all. If your research proved negative, then you had to figure out which foods to take with you, (dried nuts and fruit, crackers, tuna?) and just hope that there was a market close to where you would be staying so that you could buy the fruits and vegetables to prepare with the cutting board and knife you had brought along with you.

At least half of the contents of your luggage would consist of utensils and food, and you had to just hope, presuming there were Jews living in the vicinity of your hotel, that one of them would be kind enough to invite you for a Shabbat meal. Sightseeing would be great, but eating would prove to be a real challenge. Shabbat would be a very quiet and lonely day if you weren’t close to a Jewish community.

Things are very, very different these days however. Now, all you have to do is pack your bags, depart for your vacation destination, and leave it up to one of the kosher tour companies around, to provide you with the delicious kosher travel meals you need, when you need them.

How does a kosher tour company work?

When you book a kosher tour, a shomer/et mitzvot, who is also your guide, will check the kitchen to make sure that all the ingredients to be used in your meals are kosher. This includes fish and meat, checking that there are no bugs in the fruit and vegetables, and making sure too, that only kosher utensils will be used when preparing and cooking your meals. These arrangements will be made before you reach your destination, and anything not available at the hotel, will be brought along with the group.

Kosher tours offer more than just kosher travel meals

Apart from the fact that you can travel with complete peace of mind, knowing that you will have kosher travel meals provided for you, kosher travel tours also means that someone else is taking care of your flight, as well as your accommodation at your destination. They will see to it that you visit all the important attractions and activities of each place you visit, arrange tickets to see performances, meet the local people, and also, make sure that you get to see places of Jewish interest, in each place you go to.

More importantly though, is the fact that all the other people traveling with you are Jewish, and have booked for the very same reason — the kosher travel meals that go with the tour. So, not only will you have the kosher food you’re looking for on your holiday, but you will gain quite a few extra friends during your travels as well.

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