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From a customer: “I haven’t been here in years but I found myself at the Ralph’s on La Brea. Checked out ”The Kosher Experience“. Lots of cool selections as you can see. Found out something interesting. They have these grab and go meals from an outfit called Emuna. Turns out that these meals aren’t only available at the “Kosher Experience” Ralph’s but at over 20 Ralph locations from S. Diego all the way to Woodland Hills. Check this out:

The grab and go looked good and you can get it fresh in various sizes as well. Picked up some stuff for dinner sides. Was actually quite good. The couscous marinara and saffron rice pilaf were huge hits. Salads and herbed potato very nice as well. See my dinner plate.

I spoke to the manager and even more interestingly, Emunah has Cholov Yisroel dairy pasta and such specifically at the non-kosher Ralph’s as they need to remain pareve at “The Kosher Experience”. Funny how that works. Good to know that you can get fresh quality stuff, even if you find yourself somewhere in Yehupitz.”

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