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All it takes to make an occasion special is good food and if you want to make it
incredible then all you need is Emuna. Emuna provides reliable and delicious Kosher
Catering Services in Los Angeles and nationwide.

Hectic schedules and busy lifestyles make it hard to prepare meals on the go that’s
why Emuna created to-go meals that are fresh and ready to eat in neat to-go
packaging for when you are on the run and need it most. Emuna’s ready-to-go meals
ensure that you don’t compromise taste and nutrition while on the road.
Our ready-to-go meals are available at Ralph Grocery Stores in Los Angeles. So,
whether you’re traveling or you’re running late for work, you will always be able to find
our fresh and delicious Kosher Food meals close by.

You can find our products at any one of our many participating Ralphs locations
located at either the Kosher deli counter or sometimes in the regular deli section.
Emuna’s Kosher products cater to one and all. To find a participating Ralphs store that
carries our Glatt Kosher Emuna To-go Meals you can go to our “Emuna Near you”
page on our website to find the locations nearest you.

Another way Emuna Catering is working to make your life easier is by offering frozen
catered meals that can be shipped directly to you no matter where you are! Whether
you are on vacation or in an area where kosher meals are not available Emuna has your

Whether it is a fun event like a Bar mitzvah or an elegant Wedding Party, our economical
Glat Kosher Catering Service in Los Ang eles makes sure you get the best in service.
Your taste is our priority. From, Persian menus to Mediteranian, to classic American
cuisine. Emuna knows how to deliver.

Emuna speaks the language of food and makes sure you celebrate more by offering
customized menus, great tastes and prices you wont find anywhere else. Let us help
cater your next exciting event to make it your best one yet!

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